Printing Process

processo di stampa

Offset printing is carried out on seven printing lines with Man Roland machines of the latest generation. The availability of two formats IIIB and VI ( 70 × 100 and 100 × 140), allows ICIS  to satisfy every kind of the customer’s request in an effective and flexible way.

All  the printing machines have  6 colours plus varnish ; two lines are equipped with UV varnish.

The most advanced management and control systems  on line ensure the best quality in printing and reliability of a stable  result during the entire print run. The production is monitored in real time even at distance,  allowing a punctual intervention in  case any unexpected  problem arise during production .

The production planning of the four sites is managed from the headquarters ( in Mozzo plant ) granting in this way  the highest flexibility and a punctual and fast answer to the market’s demand.

The organization of the printing process and the uniformity of the equipment give the possibility to interact among the four production sites, and therefore to be able to react promptly to any peak in demand or any emergency, both internal and the customer’s.