Raw materials

materie prime

Every year ICIS converts a quantity of 30.000 tons of cardboard of the main categories, from  the recycled kind  to virgin fiber cardboard, kraft board as well as pure cellulose board, according to the customers’ requests.

The board thicknesses go  from 200 g/m² to 550 g/m².

To ensure the best performance of the finished product  ICIS uses only first-choice cardboard, buying it from the main national and foreign paper mills.

Great attention is given to the quality of  the incoming raw materials through rigorous  controls:

all the cardboard is checked by verifying the compliance of the parameters with the technical specifications.

Only further to positive results of the verifications, the board batches are released and can be used in production.

Some types of cardboard are handled in reels and thanks to in-house cutting lines the material can be sheeted rapidly. This allows us to be more flexible to respond to the customer’s demand.

The cardboard sheets are stored in dedicated warehouses  for  raw material with the aid of a completely automatic storage system, so  as to ensure the arrival of the cardboard in time and when needed on the production line.