ICIS Group

ICIS was founded in  1959 and has been developing and maintaining strong relationship for  many years with European customers leaders in the field of consumers goods, in particular, supplying them with printed cartons, both flat and folded and glued as well as multipack clusters.

ICIS today is a Group that counts  four production sites with a turnover of over 35 million euros, a third of which comes from export sales;  it produces more than a billion of cartons per year and converts 30 thousand tons of cardboard.



ICIS produce più di un miliardo di astucci all’anno di cui il 55% astucci incollati e il 45% fustellati stesi.

Settori di mercato serviti da ICIS:

• Food
• Alimentazione per l’infanzia
• Dolciario
• Lattiero caseario
• Surgelati
• Bevande – Soft Drinks – Birra
• Detergenza e prodotti per la casa
• Pet Food



The production  is managed in four  production sites, all equipped with the latest  generation  of production lines  for offset printing, die cutting and finishing, completely interchangeable; this enables ICIS to offer its customers a wide range of solutions for the cardboard conversion for flat, folded and glued cartons and multipack clusters.


Email: info@icis.eu
Telephone: +39 035 612336 – Fax: +39 035 615030
Via Aldo Moro 24 – 24030 MOZZO (BG)
VAT nr.: IT 01746560224