We protect the environment

Corporate social responsibility

Our corporate culture is strongly focused on the elimination of waste, thanks to the in-house production of electricity with solar energy systems, the exclusive use of plant-based and renewable low odor and low migration inks, and the strong drive towards the circular economy. Having provided for these principles in the Policy and in Code of Ethics has allowed us to be at the forefront on the issue of social responsibility and to achieve goals and recognitions ahead of their time.

Good practices

From raw materials to the use of renewable energy in the plants, we are seriously committed to protecting the environment.

Board chain of custody

ICIS firmly believes that the board used in production must come from responsibly and sustainably managed sources. As a policy, all the board used in the production comes from paper mills producing in European countries and follow strict requirements for forest management, which have allowed the forest area of our continent to be extended in recent decades. As evidence of the organization’s commitment to the requirements of responsible and sustainable forest management, ICIS has implemented the main schemes for the Chain of Custody, obtaining the certifications that refer to internationally recognized standards.


We make our procedures and performance indicators available to our customers transparently on the SEDEX platform.


We have achieved the ECOVADIS Gold Level for several years: a prestigious recognition of our social and environmental responsibility obtained with far-sightedness well ahead of its time.


We periodically receive audits from the most important multinational groups in the food sector, allowing us to promptly verify compliance with the criteria of quality and food safety of the processes and compliance with the strict ethical and environmental code that we have set ourselves.

Circular Economy and fight against waste

Nothing in ICIS is wasted. We only use low odor and low migration plant-based inks that we prepare in the quantity strictly necessary for production, avoiding the need to manage leftovers. We produce part of the energy necessary for our needs with photovoltaic panels and we use energy from renewable sources. Board scraps related to die-cutting operations are sent for recycling and generate new raw material. We are members of the CONAI and COMIECO consortia. In 1985 we were founding members of the National Consortium for the recovery and recycling of cellulose-based packaging (COMIECO), which in 2019 collected and sent 81% of the collected paper for recycling. We have always been involved in the circular economy.

COMIECO is the national consortium for the recovery and recycling of cellulose-based packaging, and brings together paper mills, converters, processors and importers of paper and board for packaging. It was established in 1985 as a private body as the result of the wish of a group of companies in the paper sector including ICIS interested in promoting the concept of “ecological packaging” and since 1997 it has become a national supply chain consortium for the recycling of this type of material, in compliance with Legislative Decree 22/97, subsequently Legislative Decree 152/06. It is part of the CONAI system.

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