Everything is under control


The production of all our plants is planned in the headquarters in Mozzo, based on the orders. The plants receive the production plan, the print files and the inks. The plates are developed locally and the machines are prepared. In the event of unforeseen events and changes in the production plan, having three different sites makes it possible to review the production order in real time and satisfy customer requests without interruptions.

Raw materials tests

The board is subjected to strict incoming tests, checks are performed in a timely fashion to ensure its parameters comply with the reference technical data sheets. Only after passing strict checks are the batches released for use in production. Some types of board are managed in reels, using cutting lines that allow flexibility of execution and speed for sheet sizing.


At the end of the production line, robotic shrinking and palletizing lines automatically manage the preparation of the product for shipping. Our own vehicle fleet guarantees prompt deliveries to our customers.

Our supply chain

With board stored in reels and two internal cutting lines, raw material supply is optimized and the lead times are reduced.


Each pallet and each package has a label which guarantees the traceability of the production batch, from raw materials to packaging, with all the details required to trace the conditions it was processed in.

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