How we produce


The process begins with the setting of the production sheet. The artworks, processed at the headquarters in Mozzo, are sent to the various sites for the development of printing plates with CTP (Computer-to-plate) systems.

2 reel-to-sheet cutting lines

To ensure greater flexibility to our supply chain, we purchase board in reels and cut them in the sheet formats necessary for printing on the 2 cutting lines available. The board in sheets is stored in the raw material warehouses through fully automated systems that feed it directly to the line at the time of production.


Offset printing is carried out on seven printing lines with latest generation 6 colours machines. The use of two different formats (IIIB and VI) allows you to manage any type of request with maximum efficiency.

Die cutting

The printed sheets are cut, creased and separated on seven die-cutting lines, equipped with highly productivity devices that ensure uniformity in execution and guarantee the utmost care in preventing intermixing episodes. We pay the utmost attention to how our products function on the customer’s packaging machines.

Folding - Gluing

The next phase of the production cycle is, when required, the gluing of the folding boxes. This procedure takes place using different sized folding/gluing machines equipped with automated devices for loading and filling the packaging, as well as anti-intermixing and glue detection systems.


Robotized palletization and heat-shrinking lines automatically manage the preparation of the product for shipping.

Automated warehouse

We use automated warehouses for the management of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products.

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